Our Company

We are backed by years of experience in real estate

We think and operate as investors. It is part of our company DNA and is reflected in our day to day operations: we understand that everything we do impacts the return of the properties we manage.

Woodward Avenue,
Detroit, Michigan.

Our approach is reflected in everything we do:

We select and remodel the homes we buy for our investors, taking into account from the beginning of the process that these homes will need to generate high tenant demand and long-term appreciation potential in the future.

We structure our offering such that our clients become the direct owners of their homes, holding free and clear title of their properties. This is meant to provide our investors safety and the legal protection implicit in owning real property in the United States.

We insure the property title with a title insurance policy issued by a nationally recognized title insurance company.

We manage the homes using the same processes we use for managing our founders’ and our homes, maximizing results and reducing risk.

The properties in our portfolio are homes previously purchased by MidAmerican Homes, and then remodeled and leased according to our standards. This provides us with a steady stream of well performing homes, without intermediaries or unknown irregularities.

Our main offices are located in Southfield, Michigan

Our primary focus is in urban rental residential properties (both single family and multi-family) with high rental income per invested dollar. More specifically, we focus on homes in the workforce and affordable housing segments in Detroit and the Midwest region.

Our local presence and knowledge are key in terms of purchasing effectively and managing your investment effectively.

Our company is focused where the best real estate opportunities are currently found for investors seeking high rental returns and stability.

Main offices
MidAmerican Homes

Invest with confidence.

We are an accredited real estate company, with a broker license issued by the State of Michigan, U.S.

Our Team

Enrique Origgi Founder

Enrique Origgi Founder

25-year track record of success as an investor and as a founder of multiple businesses, including SLU Beverages and a private equity investment group with compounded annualized gross returns of over 24% from 2007 to 2015 (audited).

Speaker on investments at conferences organized by Harvard Business School, The Economist, CFA Society, Entrepreneur´s Organization, and others.

Education: MBA from Harvard Business School; BA from Stanford University

Languages: English (native), Spanish (native), Italian (Intermediate)

Kristian Freiwald CEO

Kristian Freiwald CEO

20 years of experience in investments, construction and real estate

Former member of the board of directors of the BHL Group (appointed by SLU Beverages)

Education: MBA from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); MS in Industrial Engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Languages: German (native), Spanish (native), English (fluent), Portuguese (intermediate)

Berkeley Champlin Director of Operations

Berkeley Champlin Director of Operations

More than 10 years of experience in purchasing, remodeling and managing of properties in Michigan and Illinois (Chicago)

Led operations for a renowned real estate group focused in the residential sector in Michigan

Real Estate Broker from the State of Michigan

Born and raised in Metro Detroit

Kim Weaver Director of Property Management

Kim Weaver Director of Property Management

25 years of experience and track record in property management in Detroit and Southeast Michigan

Led her own Detroit property management company prior to joining MidAmerican Homes

Born and raised in Detroit

Karen Castillo Investor Relations, Main Office

Karen Castillo Investor Relations, Main Office

Over 10 years of experience in real estate, primarily in the sale of investment properties to European nationals

Languages: Italian (native), Spanish (fluent), French (fluent), English (fluent)

Paula Bidegain Investor Relations, Argentina

Paula Bidegain Investor Relations, Argentina

Over 15 years of experience in real estate and law

Education: Lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires

Languages: Spanish (native), English (fluent)