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1.Your real estate investments, expertly managed

We are a real estate investment firm based in Metro Detroit, Michigan, United States. We offer carefully selected residential real estate as an investment alternative offering superior rental yields and the security of direct asset ownership.

We started as a full-service investment platform for our founders’ capital. Today we have opened up our investment platform to third parties with similar goals: obtaining increasing and predictable passive income streams though investments in US residential real estate.

We specialize in purchasing, remodeling, leasing and efficiently managing residential properties situated in urban areas in the Midwest region of the United States.

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The best alternative for investors seeking stable income.

2.The new Detroit, an appealing
investment destination.

In the past years, Detroit has positioned itself as a highly attractive destination for the investment in rental homes. High rents, improved financial management, and attractive prices in a city that is experiencing one of the greatest come backs in the U.S.

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The Midwest offers the most attractive real estate investment opportunities in the United States. This region offers the highest rent yields per invested dollar.

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Our current investment focus is in Detroit and Southeastern Michigan in general.

3.Simple and safe,
tailored for each investor

We assist our clients in all stages of their investment. From the evaluation and purchase of their homes, to the day to day management of their assets.

We offer all professional services required for the management of the homes owned by our clients.

The investment process is comprised of three steps

  • Reserve your properties

  • Close transaction

  • Property management


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The most satisfied clients.

I invested with MidAmerican because it was the best alternative among the many U.S. markets I knew and had analyzed. My investment generates a very attractive cash flow.

Martin K., Cincinnati, Ohio

The investment process was very simple and secure. MidAmerican has a very professional team that helps you along the entire investment process.

Carlos N., Lima, Peru

Since I acquired my properties, the return on my investment has been above the projections I was initially presented with. I could not be happier.

Martin R., Buenos Aires, Argentina

I travelled to Detroit before making my investment. The neighborhoods chosen by MidAmerican are very stable and appealing. To date, the returns have exceeded my expectations.

Manuel H., Buenos Aires, Argentina

Having over 20 years of experience in the Metro Detroit real estate market and knowing MidAmerican, I can attest to the high quality of their product and services as well as the professionalism of their local team. I highly recommend working with MidAmerican for investment properties.

Gerald Salerno., Associate Broker at Max Brooks Realtors

As a real estate agent primarily focused in the city of Detroit, I have worked repeatedly with MidAmerican Homes. Their product, attention to detail and expertise are significantly above the norm. They are a renowned and highly regarded company in this market.

Alex Farhat, Agent at Keller Williams Legacy

I visited Detroit both before and after investing with MidAmerican. They have a highly skilled and experienced team and are very knowledgeable about managing properties in Detroit. I have had a very good experience with my investment.

Isabel R., Santiago, Chile

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